CT Scanner:

The most important piece of equipment that we use on a daily basis is our CT scanner which provides a three dimensional (3D) image of a patient’s jaw structure. These images allow Dr. Stopperich or Dr. Koutras to visualize areas in great detail and this is typically important for dental implant procedures.  In addition, the CT scanner is utilized for evaluating pathology and determining the position of unerupted or impacted teeth.

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Digital intraoral scanner/digital impression

Kodak intraoral scannerOur Kodak intraoral scanner allows us to capture  digital images of the patient’s teeth and surrounding tissues  which can then be sent to the lab to assist in fabrication of implant crowns or bridges that are used to replace missing teeth. This information can also be shared with the patients general dentist. The intraoral scanner also eliminates the need for traditional impression techniques and is considered to be more accurate.

Electronic medical records (EMR)

In addition to the use of technology on the clinical side, we have now incorporated this into our front office.  With the use of electronic medical records (EMR) we are able to improve the management of patient information.  All of our patients are able to read and digitally sign the necessary paperwork in an electronic format. This information is then securely stored on our practice server and gives us the ability to easily share with the referring dental office.